Sunday, April 1, 2007

goodbye ma grandma

Before we turn out the lights and close our eyes I'll tell you a secret I've held all my
life Its you

that I live for, and for you I dieSo I'll Lay here with you til the final goodbye

I never should of waited so long to sayWhat I've always known since the very first

that you would stay forever with meBut the time has come to leave

Hold, draw me close, close to my heart Listen intently as I tell you thisOutside the
world wages

its rewards, I'll rest in peace as long as you know

Promise you our love will carry on although you turn eternal

Before we turn out the lights and close our eyesI'll tell you a secret I've held all my
lifeIt's you

that I live for, and for you I die So I'll lay here with you till the final goodbye


to my grandma soul

Saturday, March 31, 2007


no HELLO ALL SORY FOR MISSIN THE FIRST ONE...bass yalla aho binkamil al masira ma3ako al akh VERO 3azimni 3ala tag 3ala 7isabi :P:P:P.... so here we go :
section 1:
1-last beverage?:TEA
2- last phone call ?ma mom 3yzani ajib al ghada ( ma3 al 3ilm ini abl manzil mish iditni folos " 2olo ra2yokom 2ih into ba2a:)
3-last instant message ?: "c u " with ma friend from leb wa it was during writtin this post :d "sadi2 ana awi huh!!!
4- last cd played ?:tamer 7osni al jdid."2lli mish 3ando ye2oli ab3tholo"
5-last time u cried ?:from aound 2 days while i was at my grand ma grave :( "plz kolo yid3ilha be al ra7ma "
section 2 hv u evers
1-date some one twice?: ya3ni law akal min twice yib2a i didnt date here..:D
2- been cheated on ?:never ever "ana sharif -2sm 3ala mosama- :D:D "
3-kissed some one ®retted it ?:mish 7ajawib 3ashan mish fahim al so2al aslan :d "al sara7a ni3ma "
4-lost some one special?: yes :(
5- been depressd ?: akid "am alife ...then...i shell feel depression":D:D:D
6- been drunk & thruw up ?: i'd been drunk wa ma3rfsh if i threw up bass homa 2aloli la2 :d
section 3 list 3 favourit coulers:
1- white 2-black 3-bb blue
27'er section ya gama3a 4 this month hv u:
1-made anew friend ?: yes and am proud of them
2-fallen out of love ?: who didnt :(:(:( bass always a better one appears and resolve the issue
3-laughed untill u cried?: yes
4-met some one who changed ur life?: everyone u met should change ur life for better or bad but he\she changes it
5-found out who ur true friends were?:YES ...khososan al fatra dih 3ashn kont i mashakil ktir wa 3rft kol wa7id 3ala 7a2i2to
6- is there some thing u want to tell some one? : akid wa 7a2olo leh mish le al nas kolaha wa momken hoa ma yi3rfsh law 2olt hina :D walla 2ih :d ab2a 2a2olo bini wa bino :d
7-u kissed any one on ur top friends:? another one i didnt get it sory
8- how many ppl in ur top friends do u know in ur real life?:ana mish 3arif ya3ni 2ih top friends...momken azdoko 3ana al net:s i dont 3an al net i know alot bass al ebst friends byn3araf be al mawakif wa 3ala al net they cant stand besude u ...sa7!!!!
9- how many kids do u want to hv?1 boy and 1 gurl ma3 1 year differnce wa after 5 or 7 years of being married :d
10-do u wanna change ur name?: nooo i love it ba3din ba2ali fih 23 years ya3ni law mish ba7ibo 7akon 7abito :d
11-wt did u do 4 ur last birth day?: ma 3amaltish 7aja 3ashan kan ayam al 7arb al akhira 3ala leb fa ma kansh yisa7 a7tifil wa nas betmoot god bless leb and the lebanese and arabs and all good ppl :d aho ma 7adish yiz3al wa akid 3ala al top egyptian ppl :d(kwayis kida ya huny :D)
12-wt time u wake up to day?: 3ala 11 wa tala3t min my room la2it nas be wishi fa dakhlt tani :D 3ashn mish 7a2oloko ana bakon nayim 2zay wa bakhroj to take bath wa ana labis 2ih :d sooo kont fi mawkif mish 7ilw khalis :d
13- wt were u doing at last mid night?:watching x-man 2 at mbc action ...2lli kan by7daro be nafs al wa2t then kona ben7dar the sme cahnnle...2ih al fikra min dih i dont know :d bass adina bnitkalim ya3ni :d
14-name some thing u cant wait 4 ? :mmmmm to get off the prob i have now
15-last time u saw ur father?from 1 week ta2riban
16-wt is one thing wish u change about ur life ?ini akon 2rab min rabina coz am soooooooo far lil2asaf:(
17- wt r u listening now? 3asi al 7ilani " bab 3am yibki" i feel this song was done for my grandma :(:(
18- hv u ever talk to some one behind their back?:no and i dont have 2 if i have any thing to say i just go and say wether bad or good it was
19- wts the last piece of cloth u borrowed 4om some one ?: i never do that
20-who getting in ur mind right now ?: ma grandma:(:(:(:(
21-most visited web page ?: my inbox at hotmail,and news sites
22-hv u been kissed 4om any one last weak ?: hehehehehehehe allah yikhrib bitak ya VERO :d ana 3ashan ba7ib al sara7a i will tell u what happened bass ma 7adish yitarya2 :d it was my friend BASEM wa ana kont batkalimk be al mobile wa howa besalim 3alay wa 3yiz yighalis wa yib3at bosa le 2lli kont bakalimo ...sooooo.... al kiss be al ghalat jat in my mouth :D:D i sid dont lol :D bass yalla kwyis ino basim mish 7ad gharib :P:P:P " wa ma 7adish min al girls yiz3al :P:P:P"
kida ya jama3a al tag khilis wa 2a2ol le VERO aho shoof kowayis 3asahn ana sharakt be al tag dah.....wa as he and all the ones that knows me ana ba7ib al sara7a awi wa jawibt be sara7a 3ala kol al as2ila
wish u enjoyed ur time at my space if yes leave a comment wa if not also leave a comment :d
know i fae a prob i dont know alot of ppl in this ploger site but i will say one i used to vist her and visit me wa i will list more 2 i know some how :
esrra aktar wa7da fi ontact bini wa binha at this blog -min ba3d vero akid"
nour al moshaji3a al 2ola liya 3ala al kitaba :D:D:D
mony al ghaniya 3an al ta3rif :D
wa dih malk aw malak al masriya :D:D 2lli dayman tidkhol 3ala my space wa tiktib kilmitin wa ma tbansh tani :D:D:d
wish u all a nice day wa plz koloko ma tinsosh al ra7ma 3ala ma grandma plz c u all soon isa

sorr all

am so sory for not postin wish u r all fine and here we start again waitin u all to come and revisit my blogspace :) takecare dudes and be c u sooon


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


i don't wanna know If your playin me, keep it on the low Cause my heart can't take it anymore And if your creepin, please don't

let it show , I don't wanna know .

I think about it when I hold you When lookin in your eyes, I can't believe I don't mean to know the truth , keep it

to yourself .

taught you better then me. Then why you fall asleep Shove 'em off and stay, what you used to do to me. If your

better off that way , what I like to say Go on and do your thing and don't come back to me

I don't wanna know If your playin me, keep it on the low Cause my heart can't take it anymore And if your creepin,

please don't let it show, I don't wanna know.
thanks mario

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Can't you see what you do to me baby,You make me crazy, you make me act like a maniacI'm
like a lunatic, you make me sickYou're truly the only one who can do this to meYou just make
me get so crazyI go schizo, I get so insane I just go schizophrenic
But if there's one thing about you that I admireIt's baby, because you stay with meMaybe cause
you're as crazy as I amCause when I look at youI can see an angel in your eyes but if I look
deeper insideI see a freakish little side, like a devil in disguiseYou're always full of surprises

What is life?Life is like a big obstacleput in front of your optical to slow you downAnd everytime

you think you gotten past itit's gonna come back around and tackle you to the damn

groundWhat are friends?Friends are people that you think are your friendsBut they really your

enemies, with secret indentitiesand disguises, to hide they true colorsSo just when you think you

close enough to be brothersthey wanna come back and cut your throat when you ain't

lookinWhat is money?Money is what makes a man act funnyMoney is the root of all evilMoney'll

make them same friends come back aroundswearing that they was always down

thats my words to the wrold


Death aint nuthin but a heartbeat away...Im livin life doin time! will I live to see 24...The way things is goin, I dunno